Access Helpful and Commonly Used Websites

NoodleBib MLA Starter Login--use this often to keep track of your facts throughout your research. your personality and career tests; research career matches, etc.

Library Resources: Career Resources | Databases | Reference Shelf

Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2010-2011: be certain to search within the ooh site, not the "government" site:

Authoritative Websites--help yourself determine if a site you are viewing is a quality site.
"Perhaps, the web page you click on the first time does not answer your query, what do you do?

You go to the next best page and so on...till you get your answer. Not only does the answer have to satisfy you, it would definitely help, if you can get some more relevant information from that site.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could stumble upon a website that offers just that! A website that is a mine of information and has extensive information on almost every relevant topic that you can think of!
The site would also reference other relevant sites, in case you wish to find out more about subjects related to it. That is what I call a complete site. Not only does it quench the visitor's thirst for information but it also refers the visitor to other relevant sites. I would not want to lose such a site and would most definitely bookmark this site for future reference. The user experience combined with the extensive precious correct information is what makes a site authoritative.

Some of the most popular authoritative/authority sites are -
Wikipedia, About, and many Edu domain sites. What is common between them? They have original unique content and about thousands and thousands of pages of unique content. They are referred by thousand of sites. They are any searchers delight and they fulfill almost every requirement. They are user-friendly, they have interactive sections such as forums, blogs etc. Almost all of these websites have been in existence for years and they do not have any spamming background."

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