Photo Story Resource Page

Instructions: You are going to make a Photo Story that shows your understanding of the career you just finished researching. Show what you’ve learned during the research process! This is your time to summarize what you’ve learned about your career in a short, concise period of time.

Requirements: (35 pts)
* 4 images/pictures that reflect different aspects (parts) of your career (5 pts)
  • Each slide title accurately reflects the purpose of the image and relates to the narration (10 pts)
  • 30-45 second narrations for each image/picture; the narrations must be concise and clear (10 pts)
  • Does the narration go into detail as to why the image represents an aspect of the career?
  • Is the narration paced well?
    • It’s not too fast or too slow
    • The tone is appropriate
    • The recording is clear
* Each image has been cited. The last slide of your Photo Story should include your Works Cited information. Use NoodleBib! (10 pts)

Photo Story AgendaWant to see the rubric? Click [[file/view/Photo_Story_Rubric.docx|here]].
Day 1 Agenda:
1. Go to:
2. Download the [[file/view/Photo_Story_Organizer.docx|Photo_Story_Organizer.docx]] file
3. Use the organizer to gather your images and URL addresses
4. Use NoodleBib to cite your sources
5. Begin drafting your script

Day 2 Agenda:
1. Polish your script
2. Create your Photo Story using your borrowed images
3. Record your script

Day 3 Agenda:
1: Take a screenshot of your Works Cited page
2: Save it to your photo story pictures folder
3: Import your works cited image/s into your photo story
4: Save your project to your "H" drive
5: Save your movie to the "R" drive: R:Mason/Block/Inquiry/Photo_Story

You can be as creative as you like, but we are ONLY spending two days on this. Budget your time wisely!

Mr. Mason's Photo Story:

Rubric: Photo_Story_Rubric.docx