Self-Directed Career Inquiry
Research Project Requirements

Required Elements (104 Points…4 pts. each)

Your Presentation has 26 “elements” and must be represented in the following manner:

Title: Your project must have a clear title that indicates the career you chose to investigate.
Information from research: 21 elements can be represented in any order but must contain:
3 elements: 3 Essential Questions that will guide your research
10 elements: 10 unique and interesting facts about your topic.
3 elements: 3 pictures
2 elements: 2 diagrams, charts, or graphs illustrating a concept related to your topic
2 elements: 2 quotations related to your topic
1 element: Definitions: 3-5 key words/definitions relevant to your topic
Original creative work: These 5 elements are your own work but must contain:
1 element: a simile about your topic
1 element: an idiom about your topic
3 elements of your own, original creation: artwork, poetry, personal writing, photos, collage, etc.

Required Sources

You must include information from:

□ at least 2 authoritative websites (updated, with an author or organization that is a credible source)
□ at least 1 online reference database (Encarta, World Book) that has information about your topic
□ at least 2 reference website sources (found on Library Homepage - Reference: Answers to Everything! - thesaurus, quotations, dictionary, etc.)
□ at least 1 periodical (can be from online database e.g. EBSCO)

Final Product Requirements

Your final mosaic must:
  • contain all required elements listed above
  • be based on research from the required sources listed above
  • be neat and legible (if paper-based)
  • show evidence of creative effort: color, lettering, appropriate graphics, etc.
  • CITATIONS must be included